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From the heart of Janice-Marie

"We put together a brand new show to celebrate A Taste of Honey’s 50th Golden Anniversary. This show is filled with your favorite A Taste of Honey songs, along with songs that tell the story of A Taste of Honey’s fifty year musical journey."

“The support of A Taste of Honey's fans is the source that inspires the music in me.  They are the food that feeds the very soul of me."    

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"I can hardly believe it’s been 50 years since A Taste of Honey was established.  Being able to make a living doing what I truly enjoy is truly a blessing.  Being able to have the time of my life for five decades plus doing it, is an answer to my prayers."

"Sukiyaki is, without a doubt, my most favorite song to perform.  What I love about performing the song is that I get to take you on a visual and emotional journey through the valley of love.  When I wrote the English lyrics to Sukiyaki, I was writing about a personal heartache I was experiencing at that time."


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